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    Find me in my new studio « La Cour du Peintre » in Villedieu les Poêles - Normandy

    >> NEW !
    Limited edition prints available of my latest work...signed, framed and delivered to your door.
    To order, click on this link to 'Alexander Miles Gallery' in London !

  • From december 2015 to middle of january 2016 - "Art et Thé" gallery - Granville (50)

  • From 14th to 28 of november 2015 - "Art et Thé" gallery - Granville (50)
    Exhibition Rue des Juifs in Granville... Views of towns and cities in Brittany and Normandy :
    Rouen, Dinard, Rennes, Trouville etc...

  • Summer 2015 - The engine room of Brittany Ferries - Cherbourg (50)
    I was delighted to be able to paint in the engine room of Brittany Ferries' BARFLEUR...not much room down there, with the noise, heat and smells too. Here is the small painting done on site, and the large version finished in my studio.

    Title: "Oil leek", acrilic on canvas, 162*130cm

  • May 2015 - Hanging of my latest industry painting at Fouchard - Coutances (50)

    ©pascal Monnet-CCI Normandie

  • End of 2014 / Beginning of 2015 :
    The Atelier at Villedieu will be closed some days, because I am working on a large indevidual exhibition. I shall be showing over fifty works in the Alexander Miles Gallery in London at the end of March 2015 on the themes of Paris and London.

    If you would like information on this exhibition, or to make an appointement to visit the Villedieu studio, please contact me (or Alex on )

  • Summer 2014 - Exhibition in the gallery 'Art et thé' - Granville (50)
    'Art et Thé' gallery takes on a horse theme for the rest of the summer...

  • Summer 2014 - Exhibition in the gallery 'Art et thé' - Granville (50)
    Exhibition in Granville with S.Leclanche, JC Quinette, JL Gravier and others...

  • Saturday July 5th 2014 - "Les Sorties de Bain" - Granville (50)
    Participation in 'Sorties de Bain', a festival of performing arts in Granville...A huge painting on the road Rue des Juifs, Granville

  • June, July & August 2014 - Exhibition - London (England)
    New large scale works in my "Beautiful People" exhibition at 'The Alexander Miles Gallery, St. Katharine Docks, London'

  • From 4th to 12th of June 2014 - "Les Palettes Donvillaises" - Donville les Bains (50)
    Invited artist for the exhibition "Les Pallettes Donvillaises", Donville-les-bains(50)

  • April & May 2014 - A thousand peace doves
    The studio has been closed as myself and two other artist friends (Morgan Poulain and Maxime Bouchaudon) travelled Normandy painting shops, schools and town halls in tribute to the Allied forces present on D-Day, June 6th 1944. A quick count of several hundred windows painted with several white doves on each, there are more than a thousand peace doves painted on the Normandy coast for the D-day celebrations. Amongst the towns and villages painted - and a big thankyou to them and the organisers - are: Tourlaville, Briquebec, Ste-Mère-Eglise, Ste-Marie-du-Mont, Utah beach, Quineville, La Haye du Puits, Lessay, Portbail, Carentan, Isigny-sur-mer, St-Jean-de-Daye, Pont-Hebert, Vire, Saint-James, Grandcamp-Maisy, St.-Laurent-sur-mer, Port-en-Bessin, Trévières, Courseulles-sur-mer, Hermanville-sur-mer, Avranches and Bayeux.

  • December 2013 - New exhibition - London (England)
    Exhibition of my new works on a London theme at THE ALEXANDER MILES GALLERY, 1 CLOISTERS WALK, ST. KATHARINES DOCKS, LONDON E1W 1LD
    (These paintings are on the page 'out and about')

  • 27th November 2013 - A new gallery featuring my paintings - Harrogate (England)
    A new gallery featuring my paintings is opening in HARROGATE, ENGLAND.
    The Gallery is called LILOU FLEUR and is situated at 166 King's Road, Harrogate, HG1 9JB.
    >> Opening night November 27th 2013

  • From 28th October to 23rd November 2013 - Exhibition at "Les Unelles" - Coutances (50)
    Exhibition from 28th October to 23rd November at 'Les Unelles', Coutances, with myself and Jean-Claude Quinette

  • From 14th September 'til 3rd November 2013 - Exhibition "Caricatures" - Villedieu (50)
    Exhibition from 14th September 'til 3rd November 2013 "Caricatures" in the tourism office at Villedieu-les-Poêles... in the company of Valérie KEGLER, Isabelle LEVIEIL and the Norman caricatures of Eugène LE MOUEL.

  • From July 20th 'til August 31st 2013 - "Art et Thé" gallery - Granville (50)
    Exhibition to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the gallery 'Art et Thé' in Granville

  • Summer 2013 - "Courtenay's Fine Art" gallery - Bournemouth (England)
    From mid July, I have an exhibition of several works at "Courtenay's Fine Art" gallery in Bournemouth.
    >> More info on

  • From 18th to 20th mai 2013 - ROUT’ART 50 - Painters, sculptors and plastics technician open days
    I am participating in the open days organised by the Conseil Général in La Manche. Over 40 artists' studios are open to the public. My opening times are Saturday May 18th from 10am 'til 8pm, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th from 11am 'til 7pm.

  • From 12th of april to 14th of june 2013
    Exhibition in Gavray City Hall (50)

  • From 13th to 21st of april 2013
    Participation in the bi-annuel painting 'salon' in Vire from 13th to 21st of April, Salle de Vaudeville in Vire.
    >> GOLD MEDAL winner in the category 'Oil and Acrylic'

  • From 5th au 7th of avril 2013 - OPEN DAYS - Villedieu (50)
    To celebrate my 10th anniversary of the studio in Villedieu, I am holding open days the 5, 6 and 7 April...

  • From 22nd to 24th of march 2013 - Exhibition in "Carré d'Art" - Lisieux(14)
    Rendez-vous from 10h30 til 18h30 in the "Parc des expositions" : 1055, Rue Edouard Branly 14100 Lisieux

  • From 7th to 16th of Decembre 2012
    Exhibition "Art et architectures à l'ouest" - Tessy sur Vire (50)

  • From 25th of October to 23td of November 2012 - Exhibition in the gallery 'Art et thé' - Granville

    I worked solely on site for this exhibition over six months (hence the title 'immersion'), often in unusual places ...the fish hall, a boatyard, the town centre etc. to give a view of the town as a reporter with paintbrushes. It's mainly town based (there are few boats!) and centred on people, people who work, shop, pass in front of me...

  • 29th and 30th of Septembre 2012 - Exhibition on the fish market - Granville

    Exhibition of my works on the fish market in Granville, during the sea-food festival "Toute la mer sur un plateau" on the port of Granville 29th and 30th September from 10 'til 7 (free admission).

    These paintings were worked on site in acylic during several night-time sessions, then finished in oil in my studio.

  • From 7th to 16th of september 2012
    I am participating in an international 'open workshop' of painting and sculpture called "TachesTaches" in St.Lo (40mins from Villedieu - The exhibition space is open free every day from 10 til 6, and well worth a visit.

    During this period, my gallery in Villedieu will only be open by appointement, call 02 50 81 62 84 or 06 61 86 19 94

  • From 21st to 31st of July 2012
    Exhibition in the church 'Saint Nicholas' in Coutances town centre. This exhibition follows the 'painters' day' which takes place on the saturday 21st of July

  • 24th June 2012
    "Artistes et Artisans" in the street from 10 am - Villedieu les Poêles (50)

  • Summer 2012

    Guest of honour in St Mère Eglise

    Exhibition at La Verrière - St Hilaire

  • January 2012
    The winning work of the "Journée des peintres dans la rue 2011" chosen to illustrate the wishes of the city of Coutances (50)

  • December 2011
    My works on the famous agricultural fayres of the region will be on show in the town hall at St. Hilaire-de-Harcouet (these paintings are in my 'Everyday life' gallery

  • From 1/12/11 to 30/12/11
    Participation in the retrospective of the 2011 exhibitions at Crédit Agricole in Avranches

  • From 24/11/11 to 24/12/11
    An exhibition of screenprints in the tourism site at Gouvets (on the A84 motorway)

  • Saturday the 19th of November
    An exhibition of oil paintings inspired by the grape harvests in the Bordeaux region. The exhibition takes place in the Manoir d'Angoussart near Bierges in Belgium, and you can view these new works in my 'Other works' Gallery

  • From 15/10/11 to 30/10/11
    Participation in the annual salon of painting and sculpture at Saint James (50). Awarded the acrylics prize for the painting 'lifescrap', which you can see in the 'Other works' gallery

  • 23/07/2011 - Painting day
    Painting day out in the streets of Coutances, 23rd of July 2011 ...
    - Coutances (50 - Manche)

  • 10/07/2011 - A typical day in 1900 !
    Recreation of a typical day in 1900 at Villedieu-les-poeles...Old-fashioned portrait painting - Villedieu les Poêles (50 - Manche)

            Photographer : A. Martinet

  • 04/03/2011 to 31/03/2011 - Exhibition
    Exhibition in the Crédit Agricole at Saint Martin des Champs - Avranches (50 - Manche)

  • 08/02/2011 au 30/03/2011 - Exhibition from 08th February to 30th March 2011 in Mercure Hotel at Mont St Michel


  • 04/12/2010 to 19/12/2010 - 37th Winter Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture
    Find some of my works in the gallery of the Matignon's castle in Torigny sur Vire (50 - Manche).

  • 29/11/2010 to 18/12/2010 - Exhibition in a restaurant
    Exhibition from 29th November to 18th December 2010 in the restaurant 'Le Saint Hubert' at Villedieu.
    Five canvases on the theme of work in the area...The Bell foundery, Camembert manufacture, Copper work, Window manufacture etc. These paintings were done on site, in the factories or workshops, and I thank those who took part. You can see the works during restaurant opening times, whilst tasting a pizza or other dishes !

  • 24/08/2010 - New website
    Find all new works, exhibitions and some old favorites on line, updated regularly.

  • 01/07/2010 - Just around the corner...
    Official opening of the new studio-gallery. For those who knew « L'Atelier de la maison jaune », I've built a much bigger studio just around the corner. Walk down past the church to the rue Général de Gaulle, and you'll find « La Cour du Peintre »

New Studio-Gallery
la Cour du Peintre
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